About "us"

The way we do business.

We are dedicated to making ourselves and our clients digital leader.


Partnering and growing with amazingly talened people around us is what makes our business unique.

Being in the business of ideas for the past 25 years, we have learned that giving people direction and a sense of purpose is extremely necessary in order to succeed. We have built our entire business model around the same idea and we wish that as we grow our relationships, this idea will always remain at the core of our business policy making, which is to making ourselves and our clients digital leaders.


At TDP, we encourage people to take charge and assume command.

This encouragment comes from our core philosophy of making digital leaders. The day we start a new relationship, be it a client or a new hire, we give them total control over their responsibilities and dicison making. there are however, policies in place to reduce any human error, because we know that people make mistakes. However we encourage them to make those mistakes. Imagine if all the inventors who invented so many beautiful things, never made one single mistake. Where would we be by now! Leadership is a path which leads to an amazing self discovery and self control. It require decipline and immense effort to become one and that is the challenge we take everyday.

Stunning work

We have people who work for us as partners and as employees across the globe. But despite distances and culture differences, due to our fluid nature, the product that comes out is always stunning, purposeful and scaleable.

We work with people from six deciplines mainly.




Marketers / PR Pros


This trio is not easy to make peace with in conventional setup. The endless debate and ego wars. Our technique is to bring them one simple purpose - people who are going to use their product or consume their creativity. We give them a set of questions to ask everytime they start a project and believe us. The result is almost all of the time. brilliant.

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