10 best digital marketing practices of 2020 for Beginners

What’s up with Digital Marketing anyway? That a field that had not existed a few years ago would be so much in demand speaks volumes about how popular it has gotten ever since it has emerged. Its ever-growing popularity has sent the masses, especially the youngsters, into a frenzy. Gone are the days when people would wake up at 7, or sometimes, at 6 in the morning only to rush to not be late at work. With digital has taken over, the masses aren’t worried about waking up early anymore.

Such is its charm and such is its impact that it has completely changed the way the people function. Anywhere you go, or any person you talk to, would, knowingly or inadvertently, tell you how he saw a product for sale on a social media platform. People have stopped going to bazaars and malls ever since digital marketing has come to the fore. And many saw this as an opportunity to make it their secondary source of income or a source or raking in moolah that would, otherwise, take them years.

So, if you are one of those who have just recently come to know about digital marketing, sit back and relax because it’s a deep-sea and there are a lot of fish to catch. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the best digital marketing practices for beginners.


Before you jump on the bandwagon and set up your blog or start your own YouTube channel, ask yourself whether you’d be able to consistently do what you are planning to do. Prepare yourself, both mentally and physically, for the roadblocks that might hamper your growth for a while.

Know Your Product

Digital marketing for beginners poses some basic challenges. A lot of people take up digital marketing because they see their friends or peers making good money. And while there is nothing wrong with using money as a source of motivation, you should know that digital marketing won’t work for you if you have got no knowledge of the product or service you are offering. This is not to say that it won’t work ever – for some people, it will, but the probability of making good money by selling something you have absolutely no knowledge of is as low as any other TV series topping off Breaking Bad. You just know it is not possible.

Know Your Audience

Many people take their audiences for granted which is why they never make any substantial amount of money. Making the mistake of not targeting the right audience is nothing less than a cardinal sin when it comes to digital marketing. If someone is looking for a decent car wash service, you can’t just approach them and say, “Hey, we won’t wash your car, but, we will wash your clothes”, it won’t work. Nope. And yes, that was yet another Breaking Bad reference. 


How you plan your business will make a difference in the end between whether you succeed or pack your bags and go home. Take your resources into account, check your product, investigate the roadblocks, and once all of that is clear, you can proceed with the execution.


Right, so, by now, you have already brainstormed about the product or service you will be offering, researched your product and audience and planned as to how you should approach the execution. We’ll go ahead and say, this phase of digital marketing for beginners will give you jitters because until now you had been just researching and planning, now is the time that will determine whether you have got the brains for digital marketing or not.


This phase of digital marketing is very important. A lot of people think that once a blog is published, you cannot do much. That is wrong. Even if your article doesn’t perform as per your expectations, a little tweaking and optimization will bring you unimaginable results. Therefore, do not ever stop after publishing an article or a blog. Keep optimizing your websites and blogs.


What you think won’t work may not necessarily be the case. Be more adaptable. Be more flexible. Let that ego not ruin months, and sometimes, years of hard work. Research proves that those who are more adaptable in their digital marketing tend to succeed more than those who are reluctant to try new ideas.

Play the waiting game

It’s digital marketing alright, but it is people’s money! They won’t give it to you easily. You have to earn it. Do what has been told you above, and then play the waiting game. If you are one of those who turn everything into gold they touch, you won’t have to play this cruel game of waiting. But, if you are someone who is an ordinary person like us, chances are, you will have to wait before lady luck smiles at you!


Remember the rule no. 6? It’s digital marketing after all. Nothing is permanent. Re-strategise and re-implement if necessary. But take things in your hand and let your luck do the rest!

Reap the fruits

If you have successfully done what has been told you, chances are, you will be earning lots of money in the near future. Congrats, if you do. Because you have earned it.

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