Importance of digital marketing in these difficult times

Importance of digital marketing in these difficult times

Covid-19 has brought with it an unprecedented challenge that poses a serious threat to the way our society functions. Despite the advancement in science, mankind still relies upon the mercy of nature. The COVID crisis is real and unfortunately, it isn’t going away anytime soon, which has compelled many people to think outside the box to ensure their financial health doesn’t take a hit.


According to a recent survey by an infotainment website, the second quarter of 2020 has witnessed the growth of more digital businesses than ever. The experts attribute this growth to three factors: the ever-expanding field of digital marketing, the onset of the coronavirus pandemic and the human instinct of survival of the fittest. In their bid to remain financially healthy, many people have started offering their services to the clients with a little help of the digital media.


The shift in the business model has been so massive that more organizations are now opting for digital marketing. From selling goods door-to-door to having the luxury of selling your products from the comfort of your bed isn’t that bad of an idea, after all.


While many have unfortunately lost their livelihoods, Covid-19 has single-handedly given a massive boom to the digital marketing industry. Not only has it stood the test of time, but it has also made many organizations question whether letting their employees work from the premises of workspace is a good idea? After all, it’s the employers who are benefitting the most with no added costs of rent and utility bills.


When the ongoing pandemic started, many online digital marketing courses were offered free of cost by the likes of Udemy because they realized that not only was it too big of an opportunity to let go of but that millions of people would lose their jobs in near future which unfortunately turned out to be true. Many people registered for basic digital marketing courses and learned a thing or two and started a business of their own afterward.


While exposure is one of the many things, people opt for digital marketing mainly because it doesn’t cost them their life-savings. It has also helped fill up a huge void in the world of freelancing. Since the world has become interconnected now, outsourcing your work to remote resources with the help of digital media has given a boom to the freelancing industry.


The importance of digital marketing can be understood from the basic fact every other product or service is now easily available on social media. With the field having given birth to many professions, it has not only changed the landscape of the professional world, but it has also battered and bruised the other professions by incorporating itself in them.


According to a report published in one of the largest newspapers of the world, digital marketing remains the only profession that is least affected by the coronavirus pandemic. Because of its remote nature, it kept functioning as the whole world stood still around it and shut down. Such is its impact and such is its domination.


Many HR experts have also advised young professionals to learn a skill or two of digital marketing if they are to “survive and thrive” in this competitive world. As astounding as it may sound, it is true that all this is still in its infancy, which means that whoever learns a skill now will bear its fruits in the future. It is encouraging to see that people who would shrug it off have now started taking it seriously.


To cite an example, we would go only as far as saying that Tiktok, formerly known as Musically, is an app that was aimed at letting young people lipsync their favorite dialogues. But, as the events unfolded, it has now become a hub of entertainment for people of all ages. Some have even become ‘social media celebrities’ or ‘influencers’ as they are commonly known among the netizens and charge $35,000 for a 60-sec video!


And we are only talking about one medium here. With influencers on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, it is no wonder why brands now look for ‘bloggers’ or ‘influencers’ rather than investing in proper traditional form of marketing. There’s no catch in it for them and the word goes out quickly. What else does a brand want from its advertiser? Nothing, nothing but high reach with instant results!


It is true when they say that digital marketing has changed the entire landscape of marketing. There is no other way to put it. It has simply outsmarted them all and has outdone every other field. To say that if an ideal profession were Newton, digital marketing would be gravity. Both share a deep connection – a connection that will only be realized when the world has become smart enough to understand it.

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